Garden 5-Pack Bundle - Refill

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Feel closer to nature with Pristine's garden scents, inspired by the garden city of Singapore. This bundle is perfect for experiencing the Pristine garden series, comes with 1 x 180ml fragrance oil refill in each of the following scents:

Sakura - "Love this sweet feminine floral scent.." Also known as the cherry blossom, the sakura flower is a symbol of purification and restoration in Japan. Usher a happy atmosphere into your homes with this sweet floral scent.

Lemongrass -  "Smells like a balinese spa and helps chase unwanted insects away.." The lemongrass scent is refreshing and repels insects & mosquitoes. This scent is perfect to be placed in toilets and smaller, water-logged areas.

Lavender - "Puts me to sleep like a baby.." One of the most popular fragrances for homes, the lavender scent is said to induce sleep, and reduce stress & anxiety. A scent that is perfect for the bedroom.

White Freesia -  "Smells like sweet autumn flowers in the air.." Experience autumn scent of the white freesia flower. This sweet yet delicate scent is known to be calming and promotes tranquility. Enjoy this floral delight in the comfort of your room.

Lily & Jasmine -  "Best paired with a cup of hot Japanese green tea.." Apart from its sweet fragrance, this lily & jasmine scent is to say to be uplifting and alleviates headaches. Bring calmness into your room.


    5 x 180ml bottles of pre-filled fragrance oil

    Each 180ml reed diffuser can last up to 9-12 weeks. The shelf life is 12 months after opening the packaging.